wascon2009 - Cultural event


Cultural Event

Sustainable management could not be separated from cultural aspects of our societies. WASCON 2009 decided to co-produce especially for participants to the conference (one day registration at least) in collaboration with the cultural association le Bec à Sons an audio CD presentation of “Musics from Early and Traditional Europe”.

19 titles have been recorded by 29 professional and non-professional musicians (including scientists) to represent 7 different countries from Sweden to Bulgaria, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Macedonia and of course France. Plenty of amazing traditionnal instruments are used in this CD : different kinds of bagpipes, accordions, hurdy-gurdys, flutes, traditional early oboe, nyckelharpas, guitars, bouzouki, bodhran, zarb, daf,...and of course voices.

All the registred participants received a CD. We hope they enjoyed it !

If you are interested by an extra copy of the CD, please send an email to wascon2009.cs@insavalor.fr (price 15€ - all taxes included).

more information about the CD on http://www.myspace.com/cdmusic2009
(english translation in progress)

The Gala Dinner took place at the Château de Pizay :


a concert-bal of traditional music has been given during the Gala Dinner (by musicians from BOIS SEC! present in the CD).

 Thanks a lot to BOIS SEC! and to the numerous participants who enjoyed the French traditional dances !

beautiful photos are here:




participants at the dinner

video clip of the folk bal given by BOIS SEC! during the gala evening on the 4th of June