wascon2009 - Topics


Topics in the call for papers are as follows :

  1. Quantification and modelling of emissions (including Hazardous Regulated Substances in construction products and the implications for water quality management in urban areas)
  2. Developing new products and/or processes for the use of waste in construction
  3. New scenarios of utilisation and new waste streams (e.g. sediments)
  4. Environmental and health impacts
  5. Avoided impacts (depletion of natural resources, GHG emissions, products with high energy consumption)
  6. Economy recycling
  7. Industrial Ecology-waste recycling and territorial metabolism
  8. Multicreteria analysis and decision support tools (of Life Cycle Analysis, Material Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis,...)
  9. Barriers and incentives to recycling (regulations, markets, eco-tax, conflict of interest between different industrial sectors, status and specifications of recycled materials (waste versus no-waste), social acceptance, producer liability)