wascon2009 - Workshops


 è Thursday Morning

1. International Methodology and Policies for Environmental assessment of emissions from (secondary/recycled) construction products

The objective of this workshop is to associate scientists and European, North American and Asian countries representatives to address the following questions :

- Policy approach to impact assessment and criteria development -  Developments and needs for the Waste directive, including the new developments on End of Waste, the CPD and Reach

- Targets used in setting criteria

- Tests referenced as basis for regulation

- Different or same approach used for waste, soil, construction products

Associated experts : Susan Thorneloe and Geg Helms (USEPA), Rob Comans (ECN), Job Spijker (RIVM), Rein Eikelboom (VROM), Laurent Chateau (ADEME), Frédéric Leray (MEEDDAT), Pr He Pinjing (Tongji University), David Kosson (Vanderbilt University)

è Thursday Afternoon :

2. Application of percolation tests for the assessment of emissions from construction products

Interpretation and application of column test results in regulation - critical test conditions/robustness - validation - up-scaling issues - comparison to lysimeter and field data - inorganic/organic substances - flow rate and alternative wetting/drying issues - particle size issues - alternative means of running column tests

Associated experts : Ole Hjelmar (DHI) and by Peter Grathwohl (Zentrum für Angewandte Geowissenschaften, Tübingen)

è Friday Morning :

3. Industrial feedback of practical use of waste in civil engineering - critical issues

What is real situation of secondary/recycled materials used in construction in the different countries ? Legal and economical issues - Statistical issues - Decision making tools - Societal issues -

Role of characterization (mechanical, chemical and ecotoxicological) for product improvement or scenario validation
Potential for exchange of experience between fields ? (waste disposal/construction sector)
Conclusions and prospective (field of improvement - challenge for the next Three years to be addressed in Wascon 2012 !)

Associated experts : Hans van der Sloot (ECN) - Jacques Méhu (INSA - EEDEMS) - Emmanuel Jayr (CSTB-EEDEMS), Ivan Drouadaine (EUROVIA), Sylvie Baig (DEGREMONT), Catherine Clauzade (ALIAPUR), list to be finalized